Equine Rug Services

For all your rug washing and repair needs including retail drop off and collection points. All items are washed in a commercial large drum washing machine using specialist, environmentally friendly detergents to provide a professional finish. Velcro is cleaned and equestrian items are repaired to the highest standard on a bespoke basis. We use both air and large heated drying racks to avoid any damage to the fibres within your rugs. All items are returned, usually within 7 days, in good quality transparent bags, labelled for your convenience and ease of storage.  We offer a collection and delivery service which is usually free of charge.  Please contact us to find out more.  For Terms of Sale see Terms and Conditions ERS

Laundry Price List

Outdoor rugs -simple repair & wash                                      –              £11.95

Outdoor rugs – simple repair & wash & reproof                     –              £14.95

Separate neck covers (on their own) – wash                         –              £3.00

Separate neck covers (on their own)  – wash & reproof         –             £5.50

Stable rugs – simple repair & wash                                         –              £7.50

Travel, fleece/ cooler, fly rugs etc. – wash                              –              £6.50

Travel Boots – wash (each)                                                    –              £1.50

Horse smalls – boots/ bandages etc. – wash (from)              –              £1.50

Numnah, saddlecloth, girth – wash                                         –              £2.00

Pet Rugs/ Beds – wash                                                          –              £5.50

Duvets/ Sleeping Bags                                                           –              £10.50

Ski Clothes – wash & reproof (from)                                     –              £4.00

General Rug Repairs – various     (from)                              –              £1.00

Leg Straps – each                                                                 –              £2.00

Team Strips – per set washed and pressed                           –              £15.00

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions ERS